Monday, November 28, 2016

BREAKING: Possible Terror Attack at Ohio State

UPDATE (11:58 CST): Confirmed at press conference: Man runs car over curb into pedestrians, jumps out with butcher knife and attacks. A police officer responds within one minute and shoots suspect dead. Suspect has not been identified. 9 injuries, most minor, one critical. Injuries due to being hit by car and/or cut.

UPDATE (10:50 CST): A student witness just reported that ALL the injuries were from someone running over a crowd of people with their car - a car that perhaps tried to ram Watts Hall. He claims that reports of gunshots are false. (It's possible that all gunshots came from the police.)

1. 10TV reports that it started with a car ramming Watts Hall, the Material Science and Engineering building at Ohio State University at 9:30 EST.

2. 10TV reports that one person ran out of the car with a knife/machete, and another ran out with a gun. This appears to be based on tweets from students in the area. However, these may have been based on rumor. There doesn't at this moment appear to be solid confirmation of a second suspect from any other sources.

3. Another witness, quoted by NBC4 Columbus reports hat one of his colleagues was slashed with a machete. 

4. Eight students have been taken to the hospital with injuries - four had gunshot wounds. One is in critical condition.

5. A suspect is apparently dead, presumably shot by police.

6. Police and SWAT teams are currently in place. They are looking for a second suspect.

7. 30 fire units on scene. 18 ambulances.

8. Two people have just been taken out of the parking garage in handcuffs.

9. 11:30 EST: Shelter In Place lifted?

Live Coverage here.

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  1. Mainstream media praying the perpetrator is a disgruntled University of Michigan Wolverines fan, but most of us have another hunch.