Monday, November 7, 2016

Psycho-Catholic Simcha Fisher Votes Hillary - Blames Trump and "All of His Admirers" for Abortion

Over the years, Simcha Fisher has done a lot of good work for the Church. You can like her prose style and online persona or not. It's a question of taste. But a lot of people like it, and I suspect that her writings have on the whole enriched their Catholic faith.

I'm not saying she's not a Catholic, or isn't a faithful Catholic or good Catholic or whatever.

Nor am I saying she's a liberal Catholic or "seamless garment" Catholic (even though she often sounds like one). 

Just a Psycho-Catholic.

And to be fair, the subtitle of her new blog is:
open to life; losing my mind
I think Trump-hatred has driven her crazy.

She'd vote against him even if it were reported that his opponent's campaign staffers drank blood.

And Trump-hatred has apparently driven her - a Catholic - to blame Catholic Trump admirers for the murder of babies. I suppose the blame is arguably indirect. But it's still pretty nasty. And I think in this case, at least, un-Catholic:
Women seek abortion for a reason. Donald Trump, and the people who admire him and imitate him, are that reason. Trump has been telling us who he is. Pro-lifers, let’s believe him.
I love you too, Mrs. Fisher.

Mrs. Fisher has, according to her blog, voted Republican at least once in the past, but I suspect from her overall political views that general anti-Republican bias is a major part of her anti-Trump thing.

Let's accept for the sake of argument, that Trump is a misogynist whose personal attitude and behavior has contributed to the general feeling of helplessness or oppression among many woman that leads them to seek abortions (as Fisher sees it).
...because they’re living in a culture where men feel that they have a right to push their way into women’s lives, grab whatever they want from women, blame and shame women for anything that happens next, and leave whenever the relationship becomes inconvenient for him. (Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump.) 
Women end up having abortions mainly when they feel like they have no other choice: when they feel that their lives and their identities are only worthwhile if they’re more serviceable to people who have power over them.
Those descriptions apply to Bill Clinton and his enabling wife to a T. Or is being raped by a man and then threatened to keep quiet by his wife not count in the above generalization of horribles? Of course, it hasn't been proven in a court of law that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick (or even that Hillary threatened her).  But it has been shown beyond any doubt that Hillary Clinton worked hard to attack the honor and credibility of the long line of other Clinton women, whether they actually accused him of harassment, were exploited by him as young staffers or were "mere" consensual girlfriends.

The "nuts and sluts" strategy, it's been called.    

Clearly, Fisher has somehow discounted or filtered all this out.

Apparently her own standards don't apply to Democrats.


  1. She betrays a complete misunderstanding of the relationship between men and women, and of husband and wife. She may be a Catholic but she is a woefully ignorant one. She is a worldly one. Can you imagine this poor lass submitting (in the Gospel sense) to a man? In any circumstances?

    There is much more to Catholicism than which priest you like and listen to, and which you don't. Or which political party you like and which you don't. Or which issue resonates with you (like feminism) that blinds you to the greater truth: what is the 'end' of the marital act? What is the end of Marriage? What is the end of the nature of man and woman? And truly the simplest one of all: where do babies come from?

    Women like this one are feminists. That's it. That is their religion and everything must be subservient to that ideology. Miss Fisher tries to make Catholicism fit her feminist ideal. That is really, really hard. So she, and Francis et al, simply make up a new religion. One that resembles the Catholic Church, but in reality is a parody.

    We might call it The Nancy Pelosi Religion. It plays out that we get to make up stuff as we go along, we get to commit our favourite sins, we get to wear the "I'm Catholic" badge and walk proud.

    Let them erect this false Church. It cannot stand. We just have to suffer through the next how many years until it falls.

  2. Mrs. Fisher, mother of many children, is voting for the pro-abort Killary Clinton? How blinded can be someone? The same one who declares that we have to change our religious beliefs and is anti-Catholic? HOW on earth could be Mrs. Fisher still be qualified as Catholic?

  3. Women seek abortion for a reason.

    Most of the time - certainly with adult women - that reason is some species of selfishness. Motives are rarely unmixed, but that's usually the main driver.

    And we all know it's true. Simcha *should* know it's true.

    1. +

      Ms. Fisher apparently suffers from what my Holocaust survivor father refers to as the 'self-loathing Jew syndrome.'
      Pray for her.

  4. The death of logic... someone murders it a little more every day.

  5. A woman hires a doctor to kill her unborn baby and so she is a victim, not a perp.

    And this advances the dignity of women how?

    Trump was right when he said women ought to be punished when they kill their unborn babies; if not, then it really is not murder, is it?

  6. Ms. Fisher is a clear example of the inability to think and reason logically by so many today. I would expect such contradictions as she espouses in 7th grade girls looking for attention. Her new website promises to be an embarrassment.

  7. When did Ms. Fisher have a lobotomy???

  8. May I, in all good faith :) digress? I do not trust a woman who uses a decade old photograph on her blog that does not reflect the substantial weight gain she has made :)

    Smiley faces make everything alright.