Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why France is Doomed

Peace, love and submission

I previously wrote that Western Europe would not go Muslim.

The argument was that the vast majority of Western Europeans, even among those on the left, do not want to live under sharia or quasi-sharia law.

So, since the Islamic tide was rising and will continue to rise, the only question (so I wrote previously) was when that tide would be resisted. Things have gone far enough in most Western European countries that opposing Islam now would probably involve low-level civil war. However, opposing it in ten or twenty years will involve full-blown civil war - a conflict that would make the breakup of Yugoslavia look like a picnic.

The choice, I wrote then, was not whether it would be resisted, but when.

I was wrong.

France will go Muslim, probably in a manner not unlike that described in Michel Houellebecq's recent novel Soumission.

And no doubt, a number of other Western European countries - Sweden certainly - will also fall.

Here is why I was wrong: though the long-term choice is between accepting Islam or resisting it, the short term choices are not as obvious or stark. Or at least they seem not to be.

And human beings are very good at avoiding difficult choices until it's too late to make any choice.

Liberties are being lost, but they're being lost gradually. Crime is rising, but it's rising gradually. Secularism or humanism (in the good sense of those terms) is losing force at a steady rate, but it's nothing dramatic. Our at least it doesn't seem so.

At each point, and for most people, doing nothing doesn't and won't seem so bad. Things will go on as before, at least for the time being. By the time a leftist-Muslim coalition government is poised to take control, even then, that won't seem like such a dramatic change - since people will have gradually become accustomed to it.

What do you prefer (the question will appear to be) a bloody civil war or just a bit more Islam?

Or (some might even feel), wasn't it all inevitable anyway?

The engine for this is of course demographics. France is said to have a population of 5 million Muslims, or 7.5% out of a population of 60 million. But many believe the true number is actually much higher - one estimate puts it at 15-20 million. While that claim might be on the high side, the fact is that no one really knows the true figure. It's not as if there are statisticians in the growing "no-go" zones of Paris and other cities, knocking on doors and counting heads.

The only thing that is certain is that the number is rising quickly, even without taking immigration or the recent "migrant" phenomenon into account.

For the recent "remembrance" observances of the November Paris attacks, people made little paper "peace lanterns" and sent them floating down the Seine. The "enemy," such as there was one, was not Islam or Islamism or Islamic terror or even terrorism, but the even more general (and meaningless) "hate" or "violence" - labels that could be (and are) conveniently applied to those who oppose Islamic terror.

On the stage of the Bataclan where Muslim soldiers tortured and murdered 89 people, The English singer, Sting proclaimed that “Inshallah (God willing),” was “a magnificent word.” The audience applauded, standing literally on the spot where that word was used to justify the slaughter of innocents.

The musicians who had played on that night (they escaped but one of their managers was killed) were treated as personae non grata because one of them had said some things which just might be interpreted as contrary to the accommodationist mood.

The spectacle was grotesque. But it summed up the contemporary situation in France quite well.

France will become an Islamic state, in effect if not in name.

Obviously, I hope I'm wrong.

Tell me why I am wrong.

Or tell me what can be done to make it so.


  1. Chilling and correct. Taking the long view, however, France will become a Catholic Confessional State in 2367. The Church's First Daughter will reclaim her title.

  2. Upon further contemplation it will take longer than 350 years to squash Islam in Europe. I now predict the year 3017 for the establishment of the Catholic Confessional State in France. I'm savouring my collection of French wines as they will become a thing of antiquity 350 years hence. Maybe I'll put some bottles in a time capsule.

  3. You didn't note that Jessie Hughes was turned away at the door. See, he's the kind of American we don't like over here. Which is too bad, because he put down the best rock show I've ever seen anywhere in 2007, here in Nantes.

    I think the verdict is out and the forces of reaction are on the move. France is an old country and things are done by networks and in secrecy. There is always a subtext. From where I sit, the right is being dragged right by Le Pen. Le Pen, or any populist really, are just future bitter disappointments made flesh.

    There has to be a wedge driven deep into the Muslim community. It will get done, but I don't think we're there yet. That is some very secret sh*t for obvious reasons. First, cross-party alliances between the extreme left and right need to be formed.

    Everyone I know (Sarkozy's "France which works" from his former campaign slogan) is one or two steps away from completely losing it. Hollande's record-low popularity numbers permit him a large margin of maneuver. Deportations and mosque closings have quietly begun. The information environment is queer over here -- only the most obvious things go unreported and there's never any follow up .

    But deportation mechanisms are building themselves up. In my fifteen years here, I've never seen young French people (22-30) as far right as they are now, so there's some hope. Le Pen has to be avoided though, I think. Too long for a quick response on that...

  4. France isn't doomed, they'll be a monarchy in ten to twenty years. The Muslim invasion has been prophecized for a long time, as well as Europe's subsequent revival.

  5. It is shocking to read what Sting said and the people applauding. There is a similar phenomenon in the states. It sounds trite, but in all seriousness spiritual darkness is something tangible, it can be seen and comprehended. There is no other possible explanation for the actions of the Islam-enablers. They have accepted that the "underdog" is always on the right side of things, that anything coming out of Western civilization must be bad by definition, and that political correctness is the most important religious value they have. It is their god. This stuff goes far beyond just being on the wrong side of an opinion. It is to look insanity in the face and conclude it is a good thing. Their minds and souls are darkened.
    Perhaps the anti-Americanism so palpable may ease when Europeans realize that Brexit was inspiring to many Americans, and in at least a small way get Donald Trump elected, and that may serve as an inspiration to remove the men or women who are conspiring to utterly destroy your culture and nation, and in the meantime guarantee significant suffering. There has not been much pushback by the people in many parts of Europe. If they care, they need to care more, and get going.
    Thank God nobody listens to the pope anymore, and in America the USCCB is making itself just as irrelevant by it's immigration promoting.

  6. Just maybe the rise of Donald Trump will have a positive impact over there.

  7. One needs to look at the sub-demographics. For instance, in Germany, a nation of 78 million, the male population between the ages of 18-35 is 10 million. Last year, Merkel brought in 2 million Muslim males between the ages of 18 and 35. In other words, young Muslim males now make up 20% of the young native German male population. And that damage was done in one year.