Thursday, January 12, 2017

BREAKING: "Pro-Migrant" Obama Ends US Welcome for Fleeing Cubans

Too bad you're not Muslim

With only a week to go in his presidency, Obama is about to end the current quasi-welcoming policy for Cuban refugees.

I have no idea if this will or can be easily reversed by the next administration.

The twenty-two-year old policy was not an unconditional welcome. Rather, President Clinton's "wet-foot, dry foot" policy granted residency to escapees from communist Cuba who made it to American soil. If they were instead intercepted on the water, they were subject to deportation.

That policy was morally problematic, obviously. And it led to a few grotesque situations where the Coast Guard tried to literally sink refugee boats with water hoses (picking up the survivors) before they made it to shore. 

But for people fleeing Castro's tyranny (often risking their lives to do it), it was better than nothing.

And the refugees themselves felt strongly enough about the crossing that an estimated 80,000 died attempting it.

But under the change in policy, even the "dry-feet" may now be deported. This apparently comes after "successful" negotiations with Cuban authorities.

This shows one thing (as if we didn't know it already): Obama and his allies on this are not "pro-immigrant" per se. They like "Syrians" because they're Muslim. They like Mexican and other Central American immigrants because they perceive them as being good "people of color" or whatever. They dislike Cuban refugees because they're anti-communist.

Cuban are merely "white Hispanics" after all. Those who choose to leave Cuba are reactionaries who will probably vote Republican. Send them back to the tropical gulag. The worms.

Not all liberals are this hypocritical or dishonest, obviously, but many are.

Immigration is just a political game to them, and immigrants (or now, "migrants") are merely tools to be used to advance a particular ideological agenda.

They don't give one damn about people.

From Jerry Iannelli at the Miami New Times:
Barack Obama Ends "Wet Foot, Dry Foot" Cuban Immigration Policy, AP Reports 
Barack Obama will be the U.S. president for eight more days. But he's decided something that will have lasting ramifications for Miami and South Florida: the end of the long-standing and controversial "wet foot, dry foot" Cuban immigration policy, which granted residency to Cuban immigrants who entered the United States without visas, according to the Associated Press. 
The policy was first implemented in 1995, after then-President Bill Clinton announced the U.S. Coast Guard would deport migrants caught floating in the waters between Cuba and the States but would accept any refugees who made it onto U.S. soil. If a Cuban migrant reached American land, he or she would then be able to apply for an expedited green card. 
The law sparked a significant amount of criticism over the years: When it was enacted, Cuba and the United States had no formal diplomatic relations. But over the years, the Cuban government has relaxed punishments for some crimes, and Cuban "refugees" in South Florida have increasingly traveled back and forth between the two nations without fear of imprisonment or worse. As relations between the two countries have improved, critics of the law have said it no longer makes sense to give Cubans immigrants an advantage over those from other nations. 
As relations have thawed, Cubans have increasingly fled to South Florida and other parts of the United States over concerns that "wet foot, dry foot" would likely come to an end. Over the years, hundreds of Cuban migrants have landed on Florida's beaches, sometimes to the cheers of locals.


  1. It came wildly late in his term but the Kenyan Mahometan finally did something ABS agrees with.

    If you've ever been in Miami you know the Cubans are unassimilable and The Bride runs an agency that has an office in Miami and she can not hire Americans to work there who speak only English.

    That's right; if you were born to english speaking parents in Florida, you can not be hired for work in her Miami office - and that does not go just for her office.

    Once the Spanish have completed colonising Florida, even ABS will have to learn another language because he can not order a "Cuban" using Ecclesiastical Latin