Saturday, January 21, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Shadilay! Pepe the Frog Hacks Women's March

UPDATE (3:25 PM CST): The hack is no more.

Today, thousands of fema-fascistos from all over the country descended on Washington for the post-inauguration "Women's March."

It's the Frumpsters vs. the Trumpsters.

They're marching against racial profiling, racist cops, abortion restrictions, climate change and Islamophobia. They're marching for Indians, unions, immigrants, transgenders, artists, Chicanas and endangered sea creatures.

I'm not sure why "Women" is in the title. Maybe it's just a marketing thing.   

The Women's March also has over 600 "Sister Marches" in all fifty states and many countries. Indeed, all seven continents are covered, with "eco-visitors" on an expedition ship actually holding two "marches" in the Ross Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula.

There's also a march in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Or so it seems.

This intrigued me when I saw it on the map. You can organize a leftist "Women's March" in Saudi Arabia? You can really do that?

But if one clicks through from the official site of the march, one finds that the Women's Sister March Riyadh is labeled "Shadilay - build the wall" and has a smiling and dancing Pepe the frog as its mascot. The Event was created by "Pepe The Frog" from "Pidgin, Saudi Arabia."

Pepe the Frog and his slogan "Shadilay" are surrealist alt-right pro-Trump memes.

The email contact for the march is a certain Hakim was actually interviewed three days ago for Romper:
"My friends and I have want to help the American women on their march against Donald Trump," wrote Aaminah Hakim, organizer of the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia sister march. "Unfortunately, we do not live in America; making us not able to match alongside the American women. But we can still march in solidarity with you! As of now, only a total of four of us (this including me) will march, but we hope to go as high as 1,000." More than 800 people have registered for the Riyadh march thus far.
Either Hakim is a sly Saudi-Arabian pro-Trump provocateur, or her particular page was hacked by Pepe. Either way, seeing Pepe the Frog dance a jig across Women's March Riyadh is very funny.

Of course, Islam is not very funny, especially for women. And people who march for women's rights while also marching for an ideology that is currently denying rights to hundreds of millions of women are also not very funny.

But that doesn't mean we can't laugh at them.


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