Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fatah Website Hacked - Nothing but Israeli Flags Everywhere

H/t Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.

Fatah, the largest political faction within the Palestinian Liberation Organization has just had its website hacked by "Zurael sTz". He/she/them also goes by the name of "Anonymos israel."

Everything on the Fatah homepage has been replaced by a waving Israeli flag and a Star of David superimposed over one of the well-known Anonymous logos.

Indeed, everything, everywhere seems to have compromised. Go to the "Martyrs" page and all one sees is white space and the Israeli flag waving on the side.

Sorry, the cold-blooded murderers of men, women and children have disappeared.

As of 9:55 CST the hack has been up for 10 hours and the stupid Palestinians still haven't figured out how to take it down.

See it here.

If it has been taken down by the time you get to the page, here's what it looked like.


What's a good Jewish conspiracy theory without them taking over websites?


  1. 7:58 AM Eastern Standard Time it was back up and running. phooey. Thanks for taking a pic for us. Yikes. I can't believe I so easily clicked on that site.

  2. May they pull their beards out in frustration.