Monday, January 23, 2017

HORRIFIC FLASHBACK: Muslim Parents Pour Acid Over Their Daughter for "Looking at a Boy."

She murdered her daughter for "honor"

This happened four-years ago in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.

While this case is obviously extreme, honor killings and acid attacks against women by family members are fairly common in Pakistan, with thousands of them occurring each year.

One assumes these crimes are usually carried out by men. What makes this particular one even more horrific (if that's even possible) is that in this case, the mother seems to have been an equally guilty party. Indeed, she appears to have been the instigator.

Why so many families in Pakistan - many of them quite poor - have powerful acid stored in their homes is an interesting side question. 

There is so much horror in this news report - that terrible spot on the floor marking the location of the attack, the fact that the parents didn't even attempt to take their daughter to the hospital but rather hid her away as she suffered in agony, the grieving children, most of whom had no idea why their parents and sister were being taken away - the parents to prison, the sister to a hospital where she would later die.

And then of course, there's the almost calm expression on the mother's face as she matter-of-factly describes what happened and shows-off the splash burns on her arm:
Her mother Zaheen described the aftermath: "She (her daughter) said 'I didn't do it on purpose. I won't look again.' By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way."
This young woman was murdered by her own parents for looking at a boy.

But I guarantee that those carrying the pro-Islam placards and signs at the recent Women's March do not "remember her name."

It was Anusha.


  1. Thank you for remembering Anusha.

    I know your heart is breaking, as is mine for Anusha and her siblings.

    The only thing that brings me comfort is that when the King comes in glory, His justice will be perfect and he will wipe away every tear.

    I learned today the Muslim beheader of Lee Rigby, the British soldier, is suing authorities for prison-life related trauma he incurred. I won't forget Lee and his horrific death. I have a little memorial photo of his coffin being carried by his bereft comrades on my dresser beneath a small crucifix.

    I am remembering Lee and Anusha in my prayers tonight.

  2. One has to train himself to think "enemy uniforms" very single time he sees a Mahometan wearing a Burqa, Hijab etc

    Look, if some strangers started to show-up in your town wearing skirts with swastikas on them, what would you think?

    If some strangers started to show-up in your town wearing shirts with hammer and sickles on them, what would you think?

    Unless you have had your mind colonised by the enemy, you'd think, "O, shit, the government invited the enemy to live in my home town and I am screwed!!!"

    And there will be blood.

    If, instead, you think; "O, look at the stranger wearing the burqua, she will really make America great," know the enemy already has your mind and is moving to place your soul in irons...

  3. That woman has such a dead expression and dull eyes. I read muslims marry 1st cousins and have low IQs because of that. They can only do what the book tells them. How pitiful.