Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Some of the pedestrians were unconscious and trapped underneath the vehicle" - Muslim Truck Attack in Jerusalem Kills 4

I believe all of the dead were soldiers. Three of them were women.

The article below is from The Jewish Press. Most American stories on the attack find a way to remind you how many "Palestinians" have been killed by Israel. Most British stories put everything in scare quotes - it wasn't a terrorist attack, it was a "terrorist attack," and so on. One almost expects them to put scare quotes around the fact that the Jews who died were "human beings."

Will they light up the Eiffel Tower tonight with the colors of the Israeli flag?
Four are dead, one critically wounded, and ten lightly wounded as a truck rammed into a group near the promenade of Armon HaNatziv in Jerusalem just before 1:30 PM Sunday afternoon. 
The group were getting off a bus when the truck rammed into them. 
Five of the wounded were taken to Hadassah Ein Karem; 3 in moderate condition, 1 serious, 1 lightly wounded. 
One critically wounded person was taken to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center, along with 4 more lightly wounded people. 
The truck had Israeli license plates. The driver is reportedly from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukhaber. 
There are conflicting reports as to who shot back at the truck driver, who has been neutralized and killed. 
Some reports indicate that the terrorist was shot and killed by a civilian tour guide, other reports say members of the group shot back. 
Emergency medical forces declared this a mass casualty incident. 
Yakov Kaminetzki, a volunteer with United Hatzalah’s EMS ambucycle unit reported from the scene of the event: “When I arrived at the scene I saw a number of pedestrians who were run down by a large truck near the Armon Hanatziv Promenade. Some of the pedestrians were unconscious and trapped underneath the vehicle. I requested that the dispatch and command center send additional assistance including fire and rescue services as well as additional EMS responders due to the large number of injured persons. Near the vehicle were a number of other pedestrians who had sustained various degrees of injuries some of whom were in serious and moderate condition.” 
The Hamas terror group has praised the attack.

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