Wednesday, January 25, 2017

If I Were Transgender, I Would BE Steven Crowder

Dissident YouTube journalist Steven Crowder crashed the Women's March Sister March in Austin, Texas.

The 200+ pound male presenter wore a wig and a pink dress. Crowder pretended to be a man pretending to be a woman.

That's actually not that hard to do these days, especially within a "women's march."

Think about that for a moment.

Crowder scored an interview (in drag) with Texas pro-abortion politician Wendy Davis. They seemed to have a thing going when they laughingly agreed about the political power of women shoppers.

"Charge it!" (as Crowder reminds us Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble would cry).  

Crowder also ingratiated himself into a group of topless feminists seemingly attached to a float. They all posed for a bicep photograph together. Crowder pointed out another guy who had also ingratiated himself into the topless group. The guy claimed to be gay but didn't look gay. Whatever works, man.

People used to think that a man pretending to be a woman was funny. Generations of people watching movies or television shows from Some Like it Hot to Monty Python found it funny.

Now, it's not funny. Not funny at all. Laugh and we'll "out" you as a Trump supporter.

One brilliant thing in the video is how Crowder gets all his left-wing "comrades" to laugh. The ideologue who claims all white people are really "white supremacists" cracks a smile. The  Muslim women in the hijab who can't quite formulate why she dislikes Trump, beams at Crowder's infectious good-will.

We're all just people. Why can't we all get along?

Because the left won't let us.


  1. I would be Ginger Rogers and wear the gorgeous ostrich feather dress she wore in Top Hat. A blond wig and false eyelashes. Not that I've ever given this much thought.

  2. Oh, man. True trad confessions. Anyone else want to weigh in?

  3. As an elderly woman, I guess I'd have to dress as a man (well covered!) but overlay that with a 'pretend' woman outfit..or would that be too confusing?

    That's all fun, but gee I had really no idea of the shallowness of thought there. Such a shame that these poor gals demonstrate just what is wrong with feminist dupes today - they are stupid. (And I don't mean that is any racist way…)

    1. My wife tells me there's a Marlene Dietrich movie where she does a funny impression of a man. But for some reason the opposite is usually funnier. I have no idea why that is true.

      Yeah. Re: stupidity: the counter-argument is that you can find stupid people marching for any cause. But Wendy Davis isn't exactly obscure. And of course, most of the speakers in D.C. were just as irrational, tasteless and disgusting as many of the worst members of the mob.