Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anti-Milo "Pedophile" Hit Piece Was From Never Trump PAC

The left hates Milo Yiannopoulos. Many will do anything to stop him from writing and speaking, including using physical violence, as we saw recently in Berkeley.

I don't think anyone on the right hates Milo. A few do not like him. Some are uncomfortable with him. Many are skeptical or at least neutral.

However, there is a large contingent on the right that hates Donald Trump. Call them (as they like calling themselves), "principled conservatives."

A few days ago, some principled conservatives decided to get back at Donald Trump by trying to ruin the career of Milo Yiannopoulos.

That doesn't sound very principled or conservative, does it?

It doesn't even really make sense.

Or to put it more strongly: what sort of foul excuses for human beings would involve themselves in an effort as nasty and sick as that?

On Sunday a #NeverTrump website called the Reagan Battalion released shocking audio of Milo Yiannopolous allegedly promoting sex with 13 year-olds. The audio was a clip from a 3 hour long podcast interview Milo had in early 2016.
Obviously, the Reagan Battalion was out to get Milo.
And they did.
Around noon on Monday CPAC announced Milo would no longer be speaking at their conference this year. [And later that day, Simon & Schuster canceled Milo's upcoming book Dangerous, even though it had been trending at #1 on Amazon through pre-orders.]
The Reagan Battalion – a group that pretends to be conservative – then gloated at the news that they had helped end Milo’s career.
The Gateway Pundit goes on to identify Reagan Battalion as a Never Trump PAC that served wholly or in large part to promote the Quixotic anti-Trump candidacy of Evan McMullin.

And indeed, the "About" tab on their Facebook page yields this URL:


Here is Reagan Battalion's gloat:

The blurb is telling. They don't even explicitly mention the "pedophilia" allegations. Instead they accuse Yiannopoulos of making "anti-semitic and hateful comments," and "spreading hateful views." In the manner of the most illiberal SJW they praise free speech but then claim that "hate, racism and intolerance" should not be given a "platform."

They might as well have put on their leather and bashed Milo's head in with a metal pipe.

But the last sentence reveals that it wasn't really about Milo after all:
This incident is proof that thorough vetting is required by conservative entities before they decide to elevate and promise (sic) people as conservative standard bearers.
Gee, who do you think they're really talking about there?

They couldn't touch Trump. He won, after all. So in a kind of hissy fit, they decided to go after Milo in an attempt to prove their stupid point about Trump.

Somehow, I doubt Ronald Reagan would have thought very much of Reagan Battalion or their tactics.

And by tactics, I mean lynching people.

But then, maybe I don't understand principled conservatism.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, anytime anyone starts adding positive sounding adjectives/nouns to their movement it's a sign that they're doing the exact opposite of said positive sounding adjective/noun.

  2. Good for you for getting to the bottom of this.

  3. What I said on their FB page:


    "You guys are reprehensible. Dirty hit-pieces may be currency in the pits where you dwell, but such stink to high heaven.

    Feel free to disagree with someone, or criticize them-- but don't act like political mafiosi, and consider yourselves the righteous ones. These are BLM/ Soros/ Democrat tactics.. Reagan wasn't low-handed. Leave his name out of your antics.

    If this is your idea of principled Conservativism, or fair play, then you and Hillary will get along just fine... hope the Deep State is pleased with this political and public assassination.


    http://mahoundsparadise.blogspot.ca/2017/02/anti-milo-pedophile-hit-piece-was-from.html?m=1 "

  4. Oakes...do you know if Glenn Beck has a big footprint in this group?...he has gone completely insane with the Trump hate....really, totally off the wall; I used to listen to him in the morning when I visit my mom out of state, but I can't stand it anymore; 3 hours of non-stop Trump bashing and hatred 5 days a week...and his sidekicks are even more rabid.

    Said to say, Mark Levin has re-kindled a previously severed friendship with him, and it shows; even 'the great one' displays a lot of Trump derangement syndrome these days on his previously excellent show.

    The utterly irrational rage against this man has to be supernatural, and because he has so many of the 'right' enemies it makes me like him more and more....I pray for him every day by name, and have started offering full Rosaries and Masses for him. I found this very (VERY) interesting.....


    (the last 2 mins are particularly eyebrow raising)

  5. Any organisation that thought it wise to have a flamboyant sodomite as one of its leaders is an organisation of Yuge irrationality although it must be said that Milo calling Trump "Daddy" was curiously charming.