Friday, February 24, 2017

Austrian Woman Denies Holocaust on Facebook. Police then Search Her House and Find Nazi Slogan affixed to Her Toilet. She is Fined $1,280 and Given a Suspended Sentence. However, Police Don't Release Her Name Due to the Country's Privacy Laws.

"Excuse me, can we use your bathroom?"

Mahound's Paradise is not in favor of Holocaust denial.

We think it's ignorant, irrational and potentially hateful - if that term still has any meaning after years of abuse by the left.

But we also believe it's silly and dangerous to make it illegal.

Germany and Austria had a legitimate reason to censor pro-Nazi sentiments after the war, but that time has long past.

And of course, against the background of the Islamification of Europe, where a raid on literally any mosque would turn up nasty anti-semitic literature, and where Jews are being driven out of their neighborhoods not by Nazis but Muslims - who have in practice been enthusiastically invited in by European governments - prosecuting a naive, non-violent 53-year-old German woman for "pro-Nazi" sympathies is pretty misdirected and sick.

But what got me, of course, was the clincher: after the police search her house and charge her for a small sign displayed on her own toilet, they then do not release her name due to privacy laws.

From the Jewish Press, February 20:
Austrian Woman Fined for Denying Holocaust in Bathroom
A court in Feldkirch, Austria, on Friday fined a woman $1,280 and gave her a suspended jail sentence for calling the Holocaust “lies” and placing a pro-Nazi sign above her toilet, AP reported. The woman accused of “spreading lies” a German soccer club that commemorated the victims of Auschwitz on its Facebook page. Police then searched her house and discovered the sign in her toilet. However, according to AP, because of Austria’s privacy laws police did not release her name.
And here is the story in The Local:
'Hitlerine' who denied Holocaust given suspended jail sentence
A woman who denied that the Holocaust took place and displayed a sign over her toilet saying “This Hitlerine needs a clean latrine” has been found guilty of breaking Austria’s anti-Nazi law and given a seven month suspended jail sentence.
A court in the western city of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg also handed the 53-year-old a €1,200 fine.
The woman was charged after she criticized a Facebook posting made by a German football club commemorating the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp and paying homage to the victims. In a response, she accused the club of “spreading lies”.
An anonymous internet user tipped off the police, who searched the woman’s house and found the sign in the toilet.
It is illegal in Austria to praise the Nazi era or to deny its crimes.
The woman’s lawyer described her as a “simple housewife” who had never heard of Austria’s Prohibition Act.
The woman, who has not been named, said she regretted the comments she made online, and that she had been misinformed about the Holocaust after watching a TV documentary. She added that the sign in the toilet was “just a joke”.


  1. Have you the mind or intelligence to read any revisionist history in relation to the shoah? Or are you sooo wedded to the version promulgated by the winners of the WWII bombarded 24/7, that you just cannot comprehend that those so nice and decent westerners maybe were wrong after all? Do a search of Ernst Zündel and just learn. Paul

  2. Dear Oakes. Ditch the previous posts I submitted and which were all too broken up and just use this link when it comes to the matter of the Holocaust.