Friday, February 10, 2017

P*ssy Hat Priest Fr. Wiliam Lugger Posts Tribute to Margaret Sanger on his Facebook Page

Fr. William Lugger

You remember William Lugger. He was the social justice warrior priest who donned a pink pro-Women's March "p*ussy hat" during a homily a few weeks ago.

While it was shocking in its way, the stunt was perfectly in keeping with Lugger's public political persona, which is fully on view on his public Facebook page, among other places.

Each day offers a constant stream of anti-Trump memes, pro-Muslim posts, pro-feminist slogans and the occasional bit of "humor" like a doctored photo of Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke engaging in a leather-suited bondage session.

That was on the day Mary Tyler Moore died.

"Fr. Bill" probably thinks comportment is a sexual fetish.

Today, he posted a meme you may have already seen on the wall of one of your liberal Facebook friends. It features photographs of ten feminist icons surrounding the statement, "She persisted." One of them (top middle) is Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

Now I know someone might say, that's not a tribute to Sanger per se. She after all is just one of the ten - there's also Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart and that legendary American heroine, Elizabeth Warren.

But consider, suppose I put up on my Facebook wall a meme featuring ten great men or ten great leaders or ten great right-wingers or whatever and one of them was Adolph Hitler?

Or suppose Fr. Peter West did that.

Who is Fr. West? He's the New Jersey priest currently under fire for being a conservative Facebook poster. The Newark archdiocese is "concerned" about his activity and will soon be "addressing" it.

As any Catholic social media user can easily verify from experience, for every one Peter West there are ten William Luggers. Some have suggested that Fr. West "goes too far." I looked at his page and found nothing offensive. Oh, wait, there's a post condemning violent anti-Trump protests. "Violence has no place in civil society," he writes. The fiend.

Moving back to Fr. Lugger's page, there's a post praising a skit of Kellyanne Conway as a sort of broadway slut. Beneath it, a helpful "friend" added a picture of the first winning female presidential campaign manager in history crawling out of a sewer. How Christian. 

Obviously, I'm not equating the two priests. Fr. West's posts are mostly forceful defenses of Catholic teaching; the remainder are perfectly consistent with it. Fr. Lugger's posts are mostly liberal cliches having about as much to do with Christianity as my dining room table. A few are innocuous, many are obnoxious and some are directly opposed to the teachings of Christ, such as Lugger's endorsement of the pro-abortion Women's March or his favorable mention of that mousy little eugenicist Sanger.

Guess who might get onto trouble with the hierarchy and who almost certainly won't.

As I observed a few weeks ago, Lugger seems to be well-liked by most of his parishioners - many of whom are Facebook friends. They appear to share his liberal values and approve of his method of expressing them. And, yes, that Mary Tyler Moore bondage picture got a number of "likes" and LOLs. I suspect that to them, their very own Fr. Bill is what a Catholic priest should be. That's the worst of it, of course, and Fr. Lugger will no doubt answer for it some day.

The contemporary American Church is decadent and rotten.


  1. think the good padre's FB page is on sabbatical

  2. NO WAY. Sorry, but if I was a member of this man's parish, I might have to tear the nail from my foot and leave my favorite pew... Thank you putting the spotlight on a bad, bad show. How is he still a priest?
    and GOD bless and protect Fr. Peter West!

    1. favorite pew reference to a wise Bear.

  3. One has to give him his due in that the putative pro life position is actually pro abortion in that one of the perps in the conspiracy to murder the unborn baby is the woman bearing the unborn baby but the pro- liife movement labels her a victim

    Just try to imagine,let's say, a Pro-Entreprenuer Movement that treats as a victim the man who robs banks to get money for his start-up.

    But, that's insane, you'd say, right?


    It is no more insane to do that than to treat a woman who murders her unborn baby as a victim rather than a perp.

    It seems the pro life movement really does not believe abortion is murder.

    1. Many times the woman is exactly that, a victim, along with her child. What do you know of the societaly-fostered pressures a woman is under? What should, yes should before you condemn. you know of the current culture in the Western world that hates children and is narcissistic and inculcates this viewpoint into children in schools up to and through academia? How are women to understand what they are really doing if their whole world won't tell them the truth about God and human beings, about sex and family, about the purpose and meaning of our lives? How are they to know? And how are they to forestall the fear and panic and shame they feel, enforced by the attitudes of their friends and family that encourage them to abort? How are they to fight against the physical and emotional coercion of their children's fathers? The woman is most often a victim along with her child. And women pay, they pay alone in their grief for the rest of their lives. Help defend women and children. Search Silent No More to find out how

    2. Everything you have said is true, but there is a level of culpability for a woman who has an abortion, who is over the age of reason. Unless she is a mere child, completely and utterly unknowing and helpless, women should know they are responsible. As good as it would be to avoid this, and everyone can rely on a merciful God, the question of accountability cannot be brushed aside.

    3. If a murderer - a woman - is a victim instead of a perp then isn't that an admission that women are not adult moral agents?

      If that is so, why is any woman allowed to function in any kind of leadership, say nothing of the putative pro life movement?

      How was I to know it was wrong to rob banks when there are so many movies glamorising robbery and theft?

  4. I knew what he was about when I saw him wearing that disgusting hat. Evil


  5. I think the American catholic church is like the RMS Titanic. About 50 years ago it left port. New liturgy, new theology, state of the art church that everyone would want to be on board. So new and up to date that it is unsinkable. It carries no life rafts, no life vests, no life preservers whatsoever. But when the iceberg strikes, and it will, all on board will go down with the ship. Those in charge of directing the ship and keeping the passengers happy will pay the the greatest price for their deeds. It is a huge ship compared to the small orthodox ship. And even though small, the orthodox ship always seems to have room for more passengers. I'm glad I'm on the small ship. According to many on the Titanic, it's not an up to date ship or fancy, but I'll take this traditional ship and its crew, no matter how much the big ship laughs at it. For the ship I and my fellow passengers are on is truly unsinkable.

    1. We are helpless to stop this parade of homosexuals in our church. They are out like trout now, just as they did in the culture, they're coming out, and there is no one in our church who will stop them. The USCCB will just pretend to look the other way, while they quietly cheer.
      God help us indeed.

    2. The USCCB is busy with more important things, like keeping all the invaders pouring in from the Middle East. That helps keep their pockets full of cash, with the resettlement dollars they receive from the government.

    3. Kathleen, nothing will change as long as good faithful Catholics continue to recognize this false religion as the Catholic Church.

  6. Also in Lugger's "persistent" ten is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the justice who, à la Sanger, said in a NYT interview: "Frankly, I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of."