Saturday, February 18, 2017

George Takei Creates Twitter Poll on Trump, then DELETES it when the Results Don't Go His Way

In the wake of President Trump's recent press conference, Star Trek celebrity and social media activist George Takei created a Twitter poll. It looked like this:

Takei had created other Twitter polls in the past, and as might be expected, the results were always what he wanted. If you're polling a group that you believe is largely made up of your own followers - people who probably agree with your politics - this is not surprising.

However, it didn't turn out that way this time. With a bit more than seven hours to go, the results looked like this:

At this point, Takei's preferred option was still ahead, but only barely. And sources suggest that soon after, "The 'Unfair' News Media" started to take the lead.

But unless someone has a more recent screenshot, we shall never know with certainty, because a few hours later, the poll looked like this:

It's kind of symbolic of how these sorts of people approach politics and even, I suppose, life, don't you think?

They can't accept the results of a democratic election. They can't even accept the results of a silly Twitter poll.

Is nothing sacred?

As of this writing, Takei hasn't commented on the matter. But he seems to be back to his regular schedule of three anti-Trump tweets an hour.

As a friend (and voter) said, "What a wimp."


Update (11:00 AM PST): Takei is now commenting on the incident. He says his poll was "hijacked" by Trump supporters (and as a result he banned them). That's an interesting theory of the democratic process.

Update (12:00 Noon PST): After people roundly made fun of the above tweet, he deleted it along with a number of others. Now he claims to be creating "troll traps":


  1. I like him a lot and understand where he's coming from, but he's unable to accept that Muslim immigrants do not have the same goals as others.

    1. Yes. He looks at the question through the lens of the Japanese-American experience. That's sort of understandable, I guess, but obviously there's a big difference between the two groups.

  2. He's an insufferable bore who's primary claim to fame is sodomy and Star Trek. If he didn't have the latter, we wouldn't know who he was at all. Like all liberals, he believes other human beings, the ones he disagrees with politically, are "trash", people who could literally be killed and discarded. The Tyrant Think of these people is weird, but being subjugated by dominant figures is appealing to these freaks.

  3. Putin hacked the Poll; at least that is what Chuck Todd is saying...