Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fascist-Leftist Thugs Riot In Berkeley to Protest a Gay Man - Female Trump Supporter Sucker Maced - Man Chased Down and Beaten Unconscious, "Beat his Ass!"

Sorry. These days "Fascist-Leftist" is a redundancy.

Part of Berkeley is now burning.

Men dressed in black from head to toe are stealing metal rods from a construction site to smash things they can't burn.

They call themselves "Antifas."

But the crowd, much greater than the Antifas, is going from one ATM to another, breaking them.

"Kill Trump"

"Fuck Fascism"

"Kill Milo"

These and other similar slogans have been spray painted all over the area. You can read them by the burning cars and trashcans.

"Milo" Yiannopoulos is an uppity gay man who was scheduled to speak at the college.

Uppity gay men deserve death.

His speech was shut down.  

If this were, say, 1931, every one of these "protesters" would be marching with the Nazi brownshirts, spoiling for a good-old bout of Utraviolence with the communists.

Or marching with the communists to attack the brownshirts.

What does it matter?

Here's the woman getting sucker maced:

And here's a man being chased and beaten into unconsciousness: "Beat his ass!"

Here's a live feed of the festivities (it may be turned off by the time you see it):

12:19 CST: Different live stream. Rioter has a gun?


  1. The world in flames. Great piece Oakes.

  2. Replies
    1. I know. But he often describes himself as a "Gay Jew" to highlight how ironic the hate thing against him is. I was looking for a punchy headline.

  3. Milo has normalised sodomy for far too many otherwise normal men