Monday, February 13, 2017

Amazing Catholic Poster for the Upcoming French Election

This beautiful and inspiring poster was made by Le Salon Beige for the upcoming French presidential election. It does not support any particular candidate. Indeed, I assume faithful Catholics are somewhat split between the "center" candidate, Francois Fillon and the "right" candidate, Marine Le Pen. I think it's fair to say that both candidates (and their parties) elicit both enthusiasm and distrust among faithful Catholic voters. Thus, when the poster says "God can change all hearts," it may be referring to the candidates as much as to members of the electorate.

While the "left" candidate Emmanuel Macron has some support from people who identify as "Catholic"- perhaps including left-wing "Francis Catholics" - it is doubtful that many of them would relate to this poster.

Who will win? Polls have consistently shown Le Pen in the lead for the first round of voting. Macron appears to be in second, with a recently faltering Fillon sinking down to third. If no one gets 50% of the vote (which is almost certain), then the two highest vote getters go head to head in a second round. Polls suggest that Le Pen would then lose to either Macron or Fillon by a wide margin.

However, the prediction markets - often more accurate then the polls - currently put Le Pen's chances only a few percentage points below those of Macron (with Fillon far behind both of them). 
The Elections of 2017 
under the sign of divine mercy 
The first round of presidential elections will take place on Sunday, April 23, the first Sunday after Easter, Day of the Divine Mercy, and the Feast of St. George, the great defender of Christianity. 
The second round of elections, the 7th of May, will take place on the eve of the Feast of Saint Michael of Mount Gargano. St. Michael, angelic protector of France, has helped our country more than once (the taking of Orleans by Joan of Arc and the armistice of May 8, 1945.) 
To prepare for these elections, we are proposing to say daily, the Divine Mercy Chaplet for France in asking the Lord God for the grace of a president of His own heart, followed by the prayer of Leo XIII to St. Michael the Archangel, and the invocation of St. George and other protectors of France (Our Lady of the Assumption, St. Joseph, St. Joan of Arc, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus.) 
To all of those who think that everything is said and done, we say that God can change all hearts. Remember that by the intercession of St. Clothilde, He made to be baptized Clovis, and converted France.


  1. The excellent and reliable book of Catholic prophecy, "Trial, Tribulation & Triumph Before, During and After Antichrist" by Desmond a Birch speaks of a Catholic Monarch in France after a civil war with the Mahometans and while prophecies are contingent on faithful responses to chaos, it does seem
    ineluctable that there will be blood as Vox Day notes, Diversity + Proximity=violence.

    ABS is glad that he was in Paris a few years ago because Paris is now dead, but, on the other hand, America is no longer a nation (we are a neo-yugoslavia) and so we will have our own violence here - thanks compassionate multicultural politicians and USCCB experts.

    In every once nation of the west, there will be blood.

    1. I have loved the church and the faith for a long time, been an apologist to the best of my meager abilities online and in person, often. Now I am online telling people the pope is a destroyer, the Cardinals are moral weaklings, the church has lost it's way, and don't listen to the bishops on any topic, especially immigration. ...sigh...

    2. Oh, France. France seems hopeless. If they still cannot figure out the problem, there seems little possibility of a new direction. I saw a video the other day that asked people in Sweden if they thought the recent rapes had anything to do with Islam and the native Swedes were offended at the question. Absolutely not, they indignantly replied. This situation goes far beyond obsessive political correctness and a mania for diversity. This is spiritual blindness in the face of one's own potential destruction.

  2. Thanks Oakes. Positive signs are always heartening.

  3. I love the timing of this, a few days after the celebration of Our Lady of Lourdes.

    I have such great hopes for France. They are waking up to the twin evils of Islam and Secularism. The pro-family Manif Pour Tous movement, which has staged some of the largest marches/demonstrations ever seen in France -- and the movement's large composition of young people, many of whom have gone on to rediscover the Catholic roots of their country and then are being inspired to go on their own faith journeys -- gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

    Vive la France!