Monday, August 8, 2016

Muslim Youths Swarm Two Unarmed Cops in East London - "You take one more step and I'm going to spray you!" (VIDEO)

Merrie England

The East London borough of Tower Hamlets is officially listed as being 30% Muslim, which means it's probably closer to 40% or 50%.

Here, two unarmed police are confronted by a much larger group of Muslim youths in an incident from a few days ago. The police, both big men, appear to be no slouches at fighting but are severely outnumbered. One threatens to use pepper spray. In the end, only the arrival of more police in two more cars turns the tide.

The scene is filmed by someone from a close-by balcony. Note the exclamations of "Allah! Allah! Allah!" from either the person recording the scene or a woman in the background. Is she praying for the police, the youths or just that the confrontation will not escalate?


  1. unfucking believable that they would be unarmed.

  2. Well, they elected one of these people Mayor. No doubt they have representation on the city counsel too, so . . . getting what they asked for.

  3. And they should remain unarmed, unless we want a US state of affairs.

  4. We must note that the attackers weren't armed either so that's not the issue here. I wonder why the policeman kept threatening to spray the men who were coming closer and closer - yet they did not spray them. What were they waiting for? Spray each one right in the eyes and they would have been on the ground in pain. We seem to have developed a sense of never hurting anyone no matter what, and especially in 'sensitive situations.' I'm also amazed at the brazen manner of the Muslim men. Man, they just kept on and kept on! We are decending into chaos and England and France are leading the decent.