Saturday, July 16, 2016

37 Second Video: The First 21 Seconds is Life, the Last 16 Seconds is Islam

Islam is a religion of horror.

Islam is a religion of death.

It is so now and it has been so ever since the original Muhammed and his followers first cut a swath of murder and destruction across the Arabian peninsula and the Middle-East.

Islam is the negation of the Judeo-Christian ethic. Or, if you prefer, the negation of the Western rationalist ethic.

And it conflicts with Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and pretty much every other ethical ism, religious or otherwise, that you might care to name.

This short clip, from a survivor of the Nice massacre, dramatizes the current conflict and what's at stake just as well as any post, paper, book or video.

The last sixteen seconds is violent and graphic. But you knew that already.

It is Islam.   


  1. Good eye Oakes. I don't see this staying up long on youtube though. They say you can "mirror" the videos but I'm not certain how that's done.

  2. Video (ie movies) can portray 'reality' to the point that the viewer has no way of knowing whether what they have just seen is real or not. Unfortunately we live at a time where truth must be corroborated by more than what simply meets the eye via media.

    Extreme caution must be exercised. We must remember that those in power LOVE to foment conflict (real or virtual) for THEIR ends.

    We KNOW that Islam is satanic and is at war with Christians. What has mostly been forgotten, however, is that their is also another group of Christ haters, which Jesus and other NT authors specifically identify, who've been at war with Christians for 2,000 years.

    Just so happens that this other group of Christ haters happen to hold key positions (in far excess of their percentage of population) in governments, in international and party politics, in the direction of national economies, in the complex mechanisms of money, in education, in the MEDIA and THEREFORE in the INFLUENCE over lifestyle and PUBLIC OPINION!

    1. I knew you were a Jew-hater before I'd even read that "another group" bit. (I started with your comment underneath.) I was thinking, "this guy, with his 'false flags', is blaming The Jews".

      My skills have been honed from reading the comments at Taki's (you'd love it over there).

      It's a mental illness, you know.

  3. It's additional bits of information (see links below) that need to be thoroughly investigated before making a definitive judgement as to who is behind such evil/satanic attacks whether real, hoaxed or false flagged.