Friday, July 1, 2016

BREAKING: Dhaka Police are Currently Storming Cafe to Rescue Hostages; ISIS Releases Pictures of Murdered Diners

[UPDATE: 8:50 AM Bangladeshi time. CNN reports: "all gunfire has stopped."] 

Six to ten Muslim gunman attacked the neighboring restaurants Holey Artisans Bakery and O'Kitchen, both popular with expats and foreigners, in Dahka's diplomatic district at 9:20 PM local time, They took at least twenty hostages--many of them foreigners, including a number of Italians--threw bombs and traded gunfire with police, killing at least two officers and injuring scores of others. Additional unconfirmed deaths were reported.

An few hours ago ISIS released the above picture, claiming that over twenty people had already been killed.

After a siege lasting more than ten hours, eyewitnesses and local news outlets are reporting that police are now storming the premises.

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