Thursday, July 7, 2016

Terror Attack at Bangladesh Eid Festival Kills 3

Police move in on suspected terrorists at Eid festival

Literally every day now, there are multiple Muslim terror attacks around the world. But most get little or no coverage in the West as they occur in "third world" countries.

I've been reporting on events in Bangladesh because it has become an important focal point of the current Jihad. A Muslim country with some secular traditions is being forced to re-evaluate its compromise between Islam and Western values. In some ways its crackdown on "extremism" is turning out to be more aggressive than that of many Western countries. It is unclear to me where it will all lead.

You can follow part of the Bangladesh debate on Twitter at #DhakaAttack, among other places.      

Just days after the Dhaka restaurant massacre, Muslim terrorists struck at a massive outdoor Eid festival in Kishoreganj, fifty miles north east of Dhaka.

The crowd at the festival was variously estimated at 100,000 to 300,000.

The militants appear to have been hiding in a school at a security checkpoint. They threw a bomb at police and then attacked with machetes, initiating return gunfire less than five-hundred yards from the edge of the crowd.

Two policemen and a bystander - a Hindu woman - were killed. One of the policeman was hacked to death. Fourteen people were wounded.

Reports suggest that the terrorists may have intended to target Maulana Farid-uddin Masud, a "liberal" cleric who at the time was arriving by helicopter to speak to the crowd. Masud has been leading a campaign against the recent wave of Islamic terrorism.

Read more at the Daily Mail or Hindustan Times.

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