Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why Are Violent Black Supremacists Attracted to Islam?

Gavin Long

It was reported that the second of two recent black supremacist assassins, Gavin Long, who murdered three officers today in Baton Rouge, "converted to Islam three years ago." The first of the two assassins, Micah X Johnson, who murdered five officers in Dallas a week ago, may or may not have thought of himself as a Muslim, but according to reports, he was at least attracted to the Nation of Islam.

Why are they always Muslim?

Okay, cue the expected claims:
  1. They weren't really Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace and they obviously weren't very peaceful.
  2. The Nation of Islam isn't really Muslim.
I have no sympathy for the first claim. People that make use of it are guilty of the No True Scotsman logical fallacy. Among other things, they are assuming what they are trying to prove.

I do think the second is half-true. The Nation of Islam certainly takes many things from Islam, but it also goes off on a strange black supremacist tangent that has absolutely no basis in Islamic text, history or tradition. Read the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

But for the sake of argument, let's accept both claims and stipulate that the two recent black supremacist assassins weren't really Muslim. Whatever they thought they liked about Islam wasn't really Islam. And the Nation of Islam isn't really Islamic.

That of course brings up some obvious questions:

Why did they think they were sympathizing with Islam?

Why does the Nation of Islam call itself the Nation of Islam?

Or to put it another way, why isn't there, say, a Nation of Confucianism or a Nation of Zoroastrianism or a Nation of Traditional Catholicism for disaffected and angry black supremacists?

(Yes there are weird quasi-Jewish and quasi-Christian black supremacist cults but you don't see members of those cults shooting anyone.)

Or even more generally (and to continue holding to the above stipulation), why are violent people who want to pervert a religion, 99% of the time prone to perverting only one of the possible religions that they could, as it were, pervert?

What causes this?

Or is it all merely a coincidence?


  1. Good point Oakes. There is something to be said for the empowerment to dominate and/or kill non-Muslims that Islam provides to it's followers. And since many blacks are angry and disaffected (often for good reason) Islam has a natural affinity. That's my two cents worth.

  2. Let me say this as gently as possible: murder matters. So, putting aside the merits of your argument, the article's question still stands.

    To tailor it to your comment: "Why do Trads not murder? Why do those who claim to be Trads not murder? Why do those who claim to be Muslim murder?"

  3. Like murdering the Fatima pope and faithful one day?

    Who are the soldiers that shoot bullets and arrows at the fatima pope & faithful?

    They are Nationalists.

    Many of these soldiers will come from the ranks of tradition because many traditionalists are Political Nationalists.

    Yea..go ahead and ignore the dangers of Ehtno-Nationalism.

    Trads reek of it!

  4. Nationalism is an extension of the boundaries of the individual and is symptomatic of diversity, which is caused by the Father creating many from one. Few things are more Catholic.

    Advocating no borders is advocating unity through the flesh, as opposed to unity through the Spirit. This is one of the Devil's main tactics in destroying all of us and is presented as a form of progress (it isn't).

    We're one through Him (while maintaining our integrity and distinct nature, like the pieces in a puzzle) but not through the world (where our individuality is assaulted and constantly baited into dissipation as a way of wounding His members and destroying our souls).

  5. So ALL Universal Political Authority is evil and comes from the kingdom of Satan?

    And ALL forms of Ethno-Nationalism is Holy & is from the Jesus Christ Crucified?

    Is that about right?

    Universal Political Authority = BAD

    Nationalism = GOOD

    Please tell me if Jesus Mary & Joseph submitted to A Universal Political Authority or did they submit to a form of Nationalism?


  6. All universal political authority is evil insofar as it promotes false division (false unity is a type of false division).

    All forms of nationalism are holy insofar as any individual is.

    Please don't set up straw men; what you said in your last post has essentially nothing to do with what I was talking about.

    1. I got you to admit that Nationalism is good & Universal Political Authority is evil.

      And that confirms the fact that the majority of trads support Nationalism over the Restoration of The Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor.

      Most trads would rather be ruled by a protestant than to be ruled by a Roman Catholic Emperor.

      Again LOL!

    2. And do you really think that the murder of the Fatima Pope and faithful is over bad mass & a bad council? LOL!

      No the murder of the Fatima Pope will be over the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor, which the majority of trads object to. And this is the reason for the murder of the Fatima Pope and this is probably what is contain in the non-published Fatima Secret that the Vatican is hiding.....

      No one is going to murder over a bad mass & a bad council..

    3. I have no idea what you're talking about, I am a monarchist and am not a trad and don't know why you're arguing with what I've written.

      It's kind of ironic that you are because I'm a firm believer in the necessity of a Roman Catholic Emperor for society to be run well. I see republicanism as freemasonic and I think a lot of American Catholics are too in love with voting and it blinds them.

      You're right about the being ruled by a Protestant thing, it's very sad.