Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BREAKING: Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump, Gets Booed Off Stage


Here's the full speech, delivered a few minutes ago, at the RNC convention.

Ted Cruz mentioned Donald Trump's name only once, congratulating him on his win.

Heavy boos greeted his recommendation late in the speech to "vote your conscience."

The last 30 seconds is a chaotic mixture of boos and cheers as some of the crowd boos Cruz, while another part cheers Trump who has suddenly appeared on the monitor.


  1. I would say that's the end of Cruz. What a big baby. I'm sorry that someone who I so admired for a principled conservative stand revealed such an unsavory character. So unsavory that I can't take his liberty talk seriously. I turned off to Cruz when he threw Trump under the bus during the protest and riot frenzies at rallies by blaming the violence on Trump! I was disgusted by that, done for pure political advantage. When that is done in such an obvious way- whether by a dem, a liberal, or a rhino- I lose all respect.

  2. Ted Cruz is the Republican's Hillary, full of deceit and self regard. Both are thoroughly obnoxious personalities. But a point to remember. Republicans know who their bad guys are.

  3. He should have declined to speak, if he knew he couldn't endorse Donald Trump. I get it, his wife and family were insulted, and he's still mad about it. That makes sense and could be understood. But to go to the convention, when so much is on the line, and not endorse Trump, did not actually do him any favors. He put his personal concerns ahead of party unity at a critical time. I don't think what he said was terrible, but he should have considered the big picture. And I have always considered him a great conservative.

  4. So the Republican convention booed the remark "vote your conscience"? I suppose that's still better than booing God like the Democrats did 4 years ago, but it still speaks volumes, doesn't it?