Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Feminist*, Pro-Evangelical, Pro-Law and Order, Anti-Terror, Anti-Political Correctness, Anti-Globalist, USA! USA! "I Love You!" (FULL VIDEO)




Pick the speech apart.

I think it worked.

We'll see.

And I think Donald Trump, whatever you might say about his philosophy or his positions (and I would say a few things), is a good and honest man.

It happens.

*I'm including Ivanka's introductory speech in the calculation.


  1. "And I think Donald Trump, whatever else you might say about his philosophy or his positions (and I would say a few things), is a good and honest man."

    Please tell me this is sarcasm.

  2. Replies
    1. You are correct. Donald is a great guy and has lots of courage. He is risking his life and his business by running for President and taking on the powers that be.

  3. well one thing the speech was lacking was social issues such as gay rights and abortion. The speech was very good, and on point. He clearly said what He is going to do. My main concern is the vice Presidential pick. That fuck is pure evil. I will not be voting for Clinton though.

  4. Pence looks like the corporate silver-haired white guy villain in a movie. Otherwise, I know nothing and have no opinion.

  5. We must vote for Trump. Any other choice is a death wish.

  6. Welcome aboard the train, my friend. It doesn't stop, except at the White House. Build the Wall ten feet higher.


  7. I agree with you Oakes. I do believe he is a good man who loves America and is doing this for the right reasons. He is certain to be far and away better than the evil shrew. Beyond that, I don't know.