Wednesday, July 13, 2016

REVEALED: Man in the London Tube Station who Almost Had His Head Sawn Off by a Muslim Attacker was an American

The victim of the attack still doesn't want to reveal his face
On December 5th of last year a Muslim wielding a knife punched and stabbed a random commuter at a London Tube station, and when he was down, attempted to cut off his head, all the while shouting Islamic slogans. Luckily, the attacker didn't succeed in murdering his victim but he did go on to attack two more people before being subdued.

Someone in the crowd yelled, "you ain't no Muslim, brave," and that quote went viral. A bloody and horrific Muslim terror attack turned into another occasion to affirm that Islam was a religion of peace.

It turns out that the main victim, Lyle Zimmerman, 56, was an American citizen. A few days ago the Guardian published a fascinating interview with him.

Mr. Zimmerman is a hard-core "liberal."

If a conservative is a liberal who almost had his head sawn off by a Muslim migrant, a hard-core liberal is a liberal who after almost having his head sawn off by a Muslim migrant . . . remains a liberal.

Almost losing his head didn't change anything.

Often it doesn't, I suppose.

In the interview, Zimmerman, who took nineteen stitches and still has "a lumpy scar," goes out of his way so support the sentiment of the you-ain't-no-Muslim-bruv'ers:
I don’t see Mr. Mire [his attacker] as emblematic of immigration or religion, I just think he’s a really unwell guy. 
Now you might say that's just charity or at worst naiveté. But the interview then became more strange. Zimmerman went on to say that he was initially scared to reveal that he was the victim of the Leytonstone Tube station attack because he didn't want the news to distract from the then current climate change talks.

I'm not making that up.

Talk about taking one for the team.

He also hoped that having his head almost sawn off wouldn't aid the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Or detract from the cause of gun control.

And he expressed the wish that the attack against him should focus more attention on mental health.

Oddly, the near-decapitee Zimmerman - a biology student and apparent PhD from MIT - laughed in the interview about being a serial decapitator of frogs. 

Mr. Zimmerman is a musician.

I'm sorry Lyle Zimmerman was attacked. I wish him well on his recovery (though it sounds like he's already made a pretty good one) and his future music career in London. 

But sometimes bad things happen to clueless people.

Read the interview here.               


  1. In about five seconds I found his face on his research gate profile. Seriously, what a tool bag. I'll tell you my name, profession, and where I work but 'hide' my identity while being prolific across multiple social media sites. Such condescension and pride. He'll still be thinking that he's right when London is burning around him...and it will be his and a million other narcissists' fault much more so than the jihadists.

    Mr. Spalding, you, of course, know this. Just needed to vent. Keep up the good work by the way.

    1. Cheers! Man, we all need to vent. To stay sane if for no other reason.

  2. Conclusion: Liberalism makes it's adherents insane. (As defined by those who have lost all sense of reality.)