Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bizarre Video: "Psycho" Muslima Attempts to Stab Two IDF Soldiers

This happened two days ago at a bus stop near Ariel, Israel.

A woman in a hijab, pink tunic and jeans walks towards two Israeli soldiers with a large knife hidden behind her back. It looks like the soldiers suspect something.

She then reveals the knife and walks slowly towards them with the knife raised. They step back. She keeps walking towards them as if in a horror movie. You can't hear anything from the video, but presumably they are yelling at her to stop or put it down, etc.

Finally, one of them shoots her in the chest, perhaps as she is lunging at them.

The video was taken by a motorist who apparently just happened to be driving by.


One's first reaction might be, did they really have to shoot her? After all, they are soldiers, perhaps partially armored. She is merely a woman with a knife. And because she is moving so slowly she doesn't look that dangerous. It's like watching one of those horror movies where you imagine you could just casually step away from the slow-moving zombie. But I think they did the right thing, or at least they didn't do the wrong thing. She could have seriously injured one of them. And it's not their job to risk their lives to save hers - she's the one who initiated the attack. Consider also that the video seems to show that at first they were closer to her and tried to get out of her way. If it makes anyone feel better, apparently her gunshot wound was not fatal and she is recovering in the hospital.

Where did she come from? Was she dropped off? Did she climb an embankment? Or was she just casually strolling along a highway with a knife behind her back looking for Jews to stab?

This is just one example - though one of the better recorded - of literally hundreds of Muslim stabbing attempts against Israelis in the last few years. And a number were "successful," resulting in many deaths and injuries. What kind of culture encourages people - not hardened ISIS militants, but presumably "ordinary" citizens with no criminal records - to literally become psycho knife attackers?


  1. Occupation causes this. When you steal people's land, take their water, turn off their electricity, control their calorie intake by blockades, and drop phosporous bombs on their children, then they can at least hope to be able to kill their occupiers, a right which is garanteed by international law - to resist their occupation.

  2. I reject virtually all of your characterization including the name, "occupation." But let's assume what you say is true. Throughout history, plenty of countries, nations and people have been "occupied." Many of them had resistance movements. But in no case that I can think of did those movements include a culture that encouraged men, women and children to become murderous and suicidal stabbers of soldiers and civilians. A few days ago a 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death in her own bedroom by a 17-year-old "resister." And on the other side, teenage Muslimas suddenly decide to buy kitchen knives and stab old men. "Palestinian" (or whatever you want to call it) culture is bloodthirsty and sick. And given that reality, among other things, Israel is perfectly right to make sure it doesn't acquire any more power, in Israel, Gaza, the West Bank or anywhere else.

  3. To "Unknown": I just deleted your comment, but you can put it back up, or I'll put up the version I saved if you identify yourself.

    You do not like Israel. You think I want to kill all Muslims. I get it. But I'm not going to provide a platform for you to post under "Unknown."

    There are a few "Unknown" commenters--such as for example, Kim--who identify themselves by other means. I think that's okay. But I'm becoming increasingly annoyed at hostile anonymous drive-bys, especially given my oh so very public status.

  4. Thanks Oakes. Given the circumstances it appears the woman wanted to commit suicide and have the blame placed on the soldiers. Thankfully her death wish wasn't granted.

  5. yes, absolutely they did the right thing....without hesitation or equivocation, YES!