Sunday, July 24, 2016

5 Reasons Why Germans are Insane

Marx was right: history repeats itself as farce. That doesn't help its victims.
This isn't an anti-German thing. (I would be happier if it were.) After four "terror" attacks in the last few days, the Germans are merely the most prominent exponents of the insane beliefs afflicting many in all Western countries.
  1. The Ansbach bomber - a 27-year-old Syrian migrant - was denied asylum in Germany. That fact was announced by the Bavarian authorities as if it were a mark in their favor. But he had been nevertheless living in Germany for two years - perfectly free, obviously, to among other things, walk into festivals and wine bars with a bomb strapped to his body. To further their case, the authorities announced sternly that those “seeking protection in Germany, must show full respect for the German legal system and the German population.” It is insane to think that those words or the policies they refer to have any meaning or force whatsoever in terms of protecting German citizens from getting (among other things) blown up.
  2. The Bavarian Interior minister said, "We don't know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others." He was wearing a bomb. After being denied entry to a music festival, he walked into a wine bar. It is insane to believe that there is even any question that the bomber meant to kill others. Has any suicide, Muslim or otherwise, in the history of the world, attempted to kill themselves (and only themselves) by wearing a bomb filled with metal components?
  3. "The investigation has found no evidence of an attempted political assassination or extremism." Granted, extremism is a dodgy term, but it has been elevated to being a supremely important term by the powers at be. Given the implicit definition offered by those same powers at be, it is insane to believe that wearing a bomb is not evidence of extremism.
  4. At this point it is insane to believe that the most important question is whether or not a suicide bomber (or axe wielder or machete wielder) had concrete terrorist links. Pronouncing on that question, yay or nay, has obviously become an obsession. According to government authorities, if there are no concrete terrorist links, we should all breathe a sigh of relief. Again, not to repeat, but that is insane. It's bad enough to know that there are ISIS cells of trained soldiers and terrorists all over Germany (and the rest of Europe). But it's much worse to know that at any time, virtually every day, some random Muslim or recent Muslim migrant (who may or not have been an actual practicing Muslim, etc. etc.) might just grab an axe or machete or gun or steering wheel and attempt to murder innocent people. Were some of them mentally ill? No doubt, at least on some definition of "mentally ill." That doesn't make it any better. And then of course there are the "non-fatal" rapes, sexual assaults and other crimes. The Cologne New Year's attackers weren't terrorists. That doesn't make it any better. It makes it worse. It is insane to think otherwise.
  5. Most Muslims aren't terrorists or criminals (it is said). It is insane to believe that that makes any difference. Even if we assume that most Muslims do not sympathize or collaborate on some level with the violence (which would be a misleading assumption), it is still not reassuring. Let's assume that only 1 in 1000 Muslim migrants are part of this (and we know that the true number is much much higher). Out of 1 million migrants that's still 1000 axe wielders, machete wielders, shooters, bomb wearers, homicidal truck drivers, etc. In a year, that's three attacks per day. It is insane to believe that that is something to relax or cheer about.
At this rate, civil war in Western Europe is coming. It is arguably here now at a low level. Denying that fact is insane (or just plain dishonest). At this point we must rule out ignorance. As I understand it, virtually no Western Europeans still live in caves.        


  1. Well put! There is something entirely new going on here, as you say, this would be called insanity, but it is doubtful all these heads of nations would meet the definition of insanity. Yet their nations are filling up with Muslims, by invasion or birth rates, and if these savage attacks had happened twenty years ago, what would have been the likely reaction by these same heads of state? There would have likely been severe reactions, and it does not seem likely individuals or groups would have been tolerated and coddled, let alone the gate thrown open and hostile invaders allowed in. Yet this is exactly what they have done and are doing, and show no indication they will EVER acknowledge that Islam and the West are incompatible, totally, due to Muslims themselves. Their own people, their own culture, are at stake, and the people are suffering greatly, but the leaders cling to blind allegiance to Islam, and outrageously, continue to act as if a connection to ISIS mattered at all! Who CARES about a connection to ISIS. The people should be standing in huge numbers outside of government buildings at this point, and not leave until they get satisfaction. Why these leaders are motivated to betray their own nations I certainly don't know. Are they too deep into political correctness now that they cannot step back from it? To the point their own people are suffering and will suffer?
    I realize there are now hate speech laws in Europe, and apparently one cannot even criticize Muslims publicly, but what is holding back the people from demanding the ouster of these insane (or paid off) political leaders? What is holding them back from gathering in such large numbers to demand protection, security, and CHANGE to immigration law, security patrols, civil law, and deportation? I know many in the world look askance at Americans, but people might want to read up on the American Revolution, if they would like a tutorial on how to get it done. A different type of problem and a different world, to be sure, but the goal is basically the same. When government stops protecting you and ends up being your enemy, when the ordinary man or woman in the street comprehends the source of the problem but elected officials just "can't see it", it is time for people to work to protect themselves.
    Political correctness must be countered with reality and truth.
    There is a group in Massachusetts that works hard to combat the LGBT movement in that rabidly pro-homosexual state. Brian Camenker is a man who looks like Clark Kent but who is more like Superman. He wades into legislatures and into LGBT crowds with confidence and effectiveness. When asked how he does it, he responds that people can yell and scream, but they can't do anything about the truth, and in the face of truth, they will back down. We have become so cowed by liberals we are hesitant to say the truth, and until we find our voice and spines nothing will improve and we can guess the outcomes.
    God help us all to do that before it is too late.

  2. My friend, have you already forgotten Paris? Your reasoning applies to all of Europe, not just Germany. They've lost their minds over there.

  3. 'Sanity,re remember, does not mean living in the same world as everyone else; it means living in the real world. But some of the most important elements in the real world can be known only by the revelation of God, which it is theology's business to study. Lacking this knowledge, the mind must live a half blind life, trying to cope with reality most of which it does not know is there. This is a wretched state for an immortal spirit, and pretty certain to lead to disaster there is a good deal of disaster around at this moment. "Frank Sheed, Theology and Sanity. Everyone should read this book!