Thursday, July 7, 2016

BREAKING: Gunmen Open Fire at Black Lives Matter March, 11 Officers Down, 5 Dead

The original post was being edited on an ongoing basis. I am now switching to a LIVE format.

9:01 AM CST

A suspect has been identified. See new post here.

2:20 AM CST:

Fox4 reports suspect has shot himself.

1:48 AM CST:

A fifth officer has died. This is the worst attack on police in the United States in over one-hundred years.

1:38 AM CST:

Now the suspect is "in a school" (though there are no hostages). And he may be bleeding to death or dead.

12:39 AM CST:

The previous report was false. At a current press conference it was announced that a woman and two men are in custody, but it is unclear whether they are linked to the snipers. (A police spokesman is saying that he believes that they are.) One suspect is apparently surrounded by police in a garage. He is "negotiating" but has expressed that he expects to die. He claims there are bombs planted in the area.

11:56 PM CST:

Both suspects are now reportedly in custody.

11:35 PM CST:

One suspect is in custody after recent gunfight. Military forces, perhaps National Guard, are in the city.

11:15 PM CST:

The circumstances suggest this was a planned and coordinated terrorist attack.

This is an ongoing situation and there are many conflicting reports. It appears confirmed that eleven officers were shot by snipers from an elevated position at the Dallas Black Lives Matter rally. Four have died. One was a DART officer.

A civilian was also apparently wounded.

There are at least two suspects, perhaps in "tactical gear." They appear to be at large.

Police believe there may have been bombs planted.

Downtown Dallas is in lockdown.

Incredibly, some in the crowds are currently heckling the police.

Follow live at WFAA or Fox4 TV in Dallas.


This man, walking amidst the march with what looks like an assault weapon, has been identified by police as a possible suspect. We should point out, however, that there is an open carry law in Dallas. And it is claimed that this man was seen peacefully walking after the shooting started. He has now apparently turned himself in. 


  1. I hope this ends BLM. There I guess I'm officially a racist. After what they did at the Gay Pride event last week and this, I hope everyone that's been involved in it get a visit from the FBI.

  2. You are NOT a racist. And you don't have to pass any political litmus test to show that.